Taking Back the Kitchen


A Cup of Punch, Love?

The Food Network, Food TV, and a multitude of food-centric magazines have made the art of cooking and the appreciation of fine cuisine immensely popular. A whole new generation of foodies has emerged as a result. This cultural phenomenon has led to more than just an appreciation of culinary craft, though. It has led to new opportunities for women. That’s right… the ladies are taking back the kitchen.

A Little Bit of Background for Ya:

Traditionally speaking, “women” and “kitchen” are two words often coupled together. For centuries, women were head cooks at massive estates and had quite a bit of responsibility. Take Ms. Patmore at Downton Abbey, for example. She has all the say in her kitchen. Yes, I realize she is a fictional character, but I wouldn’t want to be caught disturbing her almighty order. Would you?

Or, of course, mothers. During World War II, many women had…

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