Retro RAD Diva

FOTO1237We’ve seen Emily Ellyn competing on the Food Network’s TV shows such as “Food Network Star” and “Cupcake Wars” and many of us fall in love with her quirky personality. But did you know that in addition to her TV career, she have earned two master’s degrees in Hospitality Management from the Academie Internationale de Management in Paris, France and UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality and Management in Orlando? Currently Emily is finishing her Ph.D. in Food Service Education, teaching Home Economics at the UCF, working on her Retro RAD TV career, traveling around the world, hosting special events and cooking a lot of fun in many famous kitchens of America. The sky is the limit for Emily!! I have a privilege to know this fun loving and incredibly talented chef, so I couldn’t resist asking her one question:

What does Retro RAD mean to you?

Retro Rad is in all of us – we are all products of our past and are working on remixing to make better!

AND, I started with Retro Rad at a VERY young age!  My aunt made me a poodle skirt when I was in grade school and I wore it until the poodle ran off!  I also would BEG my mom to draw cat-eyes on with eye liner!  At about 10 my mom said it was time to learn about the entire era not just the cool fashion pieces!

She bought her and I a matching pair of saddle shoes and took me to a REAL American 1950s diner – sooooo retro rad!!  I fell in love!  I had a strawberry shake, cheeseburger and fried pickles…I also was allowed to feed the jukebox with quarters!

It resonated with me that when I put the glasses on and the neat dresses and I take myself to the times when it was easy and perfect! Where perfect homes were effortless like during the times of “Leave it to Beaver!”

As a result I am am embracing this Retro Rad persona and hope to give EVERYONE who tunes in a half an hour or an hour of that safe perfect space to be able to create, cook, escape or just be yourself!!

Ellyn knows that Retro Rad hits a special heart string with the masses because they constantly tell her!  For one they feel comfortable approaching her and her Retro Rad point of view because they can relate!  Viewers constantly say that “Emily Ellyn reminds them of an updated version of their mom,” that Ellyn brings back “the special memories,” and most importantly  “inspires them to  remember, revisit, and remake their old favorites!”

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