Chef Emily

EmilychefWhen did you know that you wanted to become a chef?

Birth! I have known I wanted to cook and be part of the hospitality industry since birth!  My mother used to prop my sister and I up in our bassinets and we would watch her cook, can and jam.  When we got older we were cooking right beside her!

At about the age of 12 I over heard the “adults’ talking about my second cousin who had gone to the Culinary Institute of America and it was perceived as THE BEST!!  So, right there and then I had my sights set on the CIA.

I applied when I was 17 and on my 18th birthday I got a phone call that said I got accepted and did I want to start in July or October!  I said October…moved to the CIA and started my culinary education.  I was always working through school, but at the CIA I assisted the chefs with a lot of continuing education classes and then after my bachelors program at the CIA I stayed on and did a teaching assistantship where I taught all the baking students how to own and operate a café!  Right then and there I knew I would be teaching, consulting, or mentoring people for the rest of my life!  Lots of education and I am still teaching – my goal is to be on TV so I can touch a greater audience!

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