Chef Brandon McGlamery

BrandonMcGlameryMeet Chef Brandon McGlamery, an award winning executive chef and co-owner of the Luma on Park and Prato in Winter Park. Luma on Park is an upscale restaurant serving casual American dishes whereas Prato is inspired by the Italian cuisine. Luma on Park is recognized as #1 best foodie spot in Orlando by USA Today, and also is one of the favorite restaurants for many celebrities like Sir Paul McCartney. Oprah Winfrey featured Short Rib Mac & Cheese with Gruyere recipe created by Chef Brandon on her website. And now, Chef Brandon shares his favorite recipes with us in his new cook book “9 Courses”. I had an opportunity to meet Chef at the Books and Cooks signing event where I asked him few questions.CelebrityChef4u_-13

Chef, please tell me how you got started in the culinary field? Having always had held positions in restaurants, from dishwasher, to busboy, to waiter, to bartender, it was just a natural progression that I found my way into a professional kitchen, and when I did, I knew that I had found my calling

What would you say is your favorite meal to cook? Recently I have been in love w/ outdoor cooking on the green egg….. but if I had to be specific about one thing it would have to be seafood because of its versatility and delicate nature

What inspires you when you create a menu? Season first, whats the weather like, whats growing, where have I traveled recently, or what have I tasted lately that captured my brain

Can you share with us a kitchen tip? Be the roadrunner on seasoning, just right to the edge, not the coyote……. we talk about it in our book, 9 Courses!!

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