Preserving Through the Seasons with Emily Ellyn


I had such a great time Preserving Through the Seasons with Emily Ellyn. Who knew that pickling can be so much fun!!! Emily shared with us a lot of useful tips as well as some of her favorite recipes. She started by introducing Spring in her Jam session by making delicious Chocolate Cherry Jam. Summer is a time when we have an abundance of fresh garden vegetables. Pickling your favorites will not only preserve that great time of the year, but also will change flavor, taste, texture and add zest to your veggies. I enjoyed Emily’s Picked RADishes, so yummy, not to mention it will complement any dish. Fall is when we harvest apples and make Homemade Apple Sauce which is perfect for pancakes and a great way to make healthy treats for holiday hostess gifting. Emily surprised us with her Winter dish, Cranberry Salsa, so healthy, so delicious, so easy to make!!! I am inspired and I am ready to can!!!Thank you Emily for your awesome presentation and I am looking forward to cooking more fun with you in the future!!!

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