Chef Kathleen Blake

CelebrityChef4u_Kathleen Blake is the Chef/Owner of the The Rusty Spoon, an European inspired Castro Pub that serves delicious American cuisine. Chef Kathleen established “farm to table approach” in her kitchen by developing strong relationships with local growers and farmers. She takes pride in serving dishes made from the scratch with fresh locally grown ingredients. Chef Kathleen is also passionate about giving back to the community and she volunteers for many local charity organizations.

Chef, how you got started in the culinary field? In my grandmother’s kitchen preparing the Sunday Supper for my very large extended family. Then I worked in the family run restaurant in my hometown of Dyersville, Iowa. Hugo specialized in prime rib. Then I moved to San Francisco right out of High School and begged and bartered my way into restaurants. Then apprenticed.

What are the factors to consider in menu planning? What is available through my farmers, fisherman, artisans. I love to cook ala minute!

Can you give us a chef’s tip? SALT! You have to season to bring out flavor..not over-season but enhance! Utilize veggies and grains!

What are your future plans? To see a movie in the theater and to take a class!

The Rusty Spoon on Urbanspoon

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