Happy Birthday, Kesh!!!

Interview with Chef Jerry Helminski

Who is Chef Jerry?

On April 9th, Chef Jerry Helminski, along with his staff and many of his customers celebrated the first birthday of Kesh Restaurant and Deli! Kesh is known for great subs, amazing sandwiches, tasty pizzas and awesome shakes. But most importantly, it is known for its award-wining Chef, for his enthusiasm, creativity, and friendly character. This is what some of his customers have to say: “the owner is kind, like an old family friend” and “this guy definitely thinks outside the box and isn’t afraid to cook on the wild side” and “the man’s been everywhere and has had his hands in everything foodie- experience and travels = one damn good cook!”

We had an opportunity to sit down with Chef Jerry, who spoke to us about his past, present and future. We have the first part of our interview in this video segment.

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