The Coop is officially open

The COOP_Fotor_Collage

On April 29th, John Rivers, self-taught chef and the owner of the popular BBQ chain 4Rivers Smokehouse, officially opened the southern-style restaurant, The Coop, located on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Morse Boulevard in Winter Park. In his speech, Mr. Rivers dedicated his new restaurant concept to the local community by donating The Coop’s opening day proceeds to the Ward Chapel AME Church.

I love comfort foods, so I couldn’t resist trying some of the items on the menu. I ordered the two piece fried chicken meal with sides of smashed potatoes and stewed okra with tomatoes. I was surprised by the portion size, it was big enough to feed two people. The chicken, coated with coarse pepper that brought a spicy flavor to it, was juicy, moist and not greasy. Just right to satisfy my taste buds. The smashed potatoes had a nice country home flavor, and along with the okra, made a nice southern meal.

The COOP-8198

by Irina Pabis

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