Chef Trina Gregory-Propst

Today we visited Se7en Bites bakery shop, located in Orlando’s Milk District on 207 N Primrose Drive. Se7en Bites covers a huge spectrum of baked goods from fabulous sweet and savory pies to southern classics and comfort foods. All of the dishes are made daily in small batches from the freshest ingredients,  just like in your grandma’s kitchen. Watch our interview to find out more about Chef and Owner Trina Gregory-Propst and what her bake shop has to offer.


During our visit we had an opportunity to try one of the signature dishes, Southern Morning Biscuit, made with buttermilk garlic biscuit, baked egg in ham,pimento cheese, apple-wood smoked bacon, smothered in cheddar chive grits. Let me tell you, those were the best grits I have ever tasted!

by Irina Pabis
Se7en Bites Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Chef Trina Gregory-Propst

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