Maxine’s on Shine

CelebrityChef4U-8965We had a chance to meet with Kirt and Maxine Earhart, owners of Maxine’s on Shine. Kirt, with experience in the wine industry, and Maxine, former Miss New York, thought about opening a restaurant with a special concept. They both wanted a place where they would love to go themselves, a restaurant that offers a little more that just a meal, a place with a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, a place that feels like home. They’ve created Maxine’s on Shine, offering an exciting menu and cozy ambiance with live entertainment on selected nights.

What makes Maxine’s on Shine unique? It’s the special touch in everything they do, curtains and tablecloths that Maxine makes herself to carefully selected wines and brews by Kirt. Its also a connection with the community – the work of local artists displayed on the walls of the restaurant and the stage where local musicians share their passion for music. You’ll find yourself part of the party when Maxine pops onto the stage to sing or Kirt comes to your table with a special toast. I can assure you, one of them is always there to greet you because Maxine’s on Shine is like their home. Dinner at Maxine’s on Shine is not just a meal, it’s an experience.

Watch the video and get to know Maxine.

by Irina Pabis
Maxine's on Shine on Urbanspoon

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