Lolailo “The Original”


“FIFA World Cup 2014” is here and if you are looking for a place to watch the world class championship soccer matches on a big projector screen, we have found the perfect spot for you! Just head down to “Lolailo ‘The Original’ Spaniard restaurant.  Greeted by a beautiful mural of the countryside of Spain and an elegantly adorned dining room, we were blown away by the decor and the ambiance of the restaurant. This family owned and managed restaurant brings authentic Spanish cuisine to Central Florida, where every ingredient of your meal, plus a large selection of wine and beer, is flown directly from Spain to the delight of your taste buds.  The Executive Chef, Jose Ramon Fernandez, is a well-known culinary artist from the Spanish province of Asturias. In his dishes, Chef Fernandez combines ingredients and spices exactly the way it is done back at home, creating an authentic Spanish dining experience. Also, importing a Spanish tradition, each guest receives a complementary Tapas when they order a drink at the Lolailo’s Bar. With live music entertainment, karaoke nights, and flamenco dancers on selected nights, this restaurant is the perfect place for any special occasion. Whether an experienced International Traveller or just broadening your horizons, Lolailo is the perfect opportunity to indulge in Spanish traditions and culture without ever leaving Orlando!


“Granada” room with a beautiful mural of the Alhambra is representing a capital of Southern province of Spain.


“Galicia” room with light blue walls is representing Northwest region of Spain.


“Madrid” room featuring a copper bar is representing the capital of Spain.


Tabla de Tapas (Assortment of Tapas Platter) : Gazpacho, Serrano ham over tomato and olive oil, Mushroom and rosemary with cured loin, Ali Oli sauce with pork tenderloin,  Codfish with vegetables


Lolailo “The Original” is truly a delightful experience, but it is not easy to find, even with a GPS. Located in a strip mall plaza next to the “Gold’s Gym” of Turkey Lake Road near Sand Lake Road, this hidden treasure is muy bueno!

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