Executive Chef Jose Ramon Fernandez

Award-winning Chef Jose Ramon started his culinary journey in his grandparents’ restaurant, and later, graduated from culinary school in Spain. Gaining experience at 5-star resorts and prestigious restaurants, Chef Jose Ramon progressed quickly to Head Chef at Tapas Hidalgo Restaurant in Asturias, Spain, before bringing his culinary creativity to Central Florida. Now, Chef Jose Ramon shares his love for classic Spanish fare with Orlando at the Lolailo “The Original”. His cooking philosophy incorporates simplicity and fresh ingredients with his passion for traditional Spanish cuisine.

“My name is Jose Ramon. I am from Astorias. I’ve worked with many restaurants, as well as know Chefs, such as Nacho Manzono and David Menendez. My passion for cooking began in my early years. I was raised between pans and pots in our family restaurant. At Lolailo “The Original”, we want to show people our traditional cuisine.”


Ensalada de Langostinos (Tiger Colossal Shrimp Salad)


Chuletillas de Cordero (Grilled Lamb Chops)

Come experience authentic Spanish cuisine at the Lolailo “The Original” located at 7637 Turkey Lake Rd Orlando, FL 32819
Lolailo The Original on Urbanspoon

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