Community Champion Chef Jamie McFadden


Like many Central Florida chefs, Chef Jamie McFadden of the Cuisiniers Catered Cuisine & Events is very involved in the local community. We met him and his crew for the first time at the “Appetite for the Arches” event organized to benefit Central Florida Ronald McDonald House. He also is a source for inspiration for many children at the Morning Star Special Needs School.

Can you tell us about your involvement with Morning Star School and the “Chefs Move Schools Program”? The Morning Star School has been an incredible experience! The Chefs Move Schools Program was the catalyst in matching chefs up with local schools around the country. The kids are awesome at Morning Star and surprisingly know more about food then some adults I have taught. My only regret is that I do not have the opportunity to be on their campus on a more regular basis. I do however have a great teaching assistant, Tracy Potter. She has played a key role in helping me develop lesson plans and implement imaginative classes.

What are your future plans? So many ideas, but so little time! All kidding aside, we are on the brink of launching Orlando Culinary Tour, This idea came to me while traveling in other metropolitan cities. With the opening of East End Market last year and our involvement there, we felt it was the perfect launching pad to educate conventioneers and tourists on the amazing bounty Orlando has to offer. We hope to be completely up and running by mid August.

Check our previous interview by following this link Chef Jamie McFadden

by Irina Pabis

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