Executive Chef Jose Gonzalez – Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar


Beautiful “Pointe Orlando” is the heart of the world famous “International Drive,” and there the adventurer will discover the sounds, culture, and, most importantly, the wonderful tastes of one of Florida’s neighboring countries, when they find themselves at “Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar!”

Executive Chef Jose Gonzalez developed a passion and love for Latin cuisine while he was growing up in South America and Spain, and this passion is what he enjoys sharing most with his guests, embodied in each ingredient of every dish he serves.

Simply walk inside and be transported to the romantic atmosphere of the streets of Havana by the balconies, stained glass windows, and the original works of art. On special nights, the lucky traveler will be entranced by special Guest Performers and Singers, Salsa Dancers, and select DJ’s spinning Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Latin, and Freestyle music, filling your senses with the Havana Nightclub scene, making Cuba Libre a perfect destination for your party or event. The thrilling tastes of such Cuban dishes as Empanadas, Ceviche, and Arroz con Pollo are combined with an extensive selection of Rum to make your meal an authentic experience… just be sure to try the “Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar” signature Mojito, which is made with a syrup extracted directly from the sugar cane right in their kitchen before making its way to your table!


Dine, Dance, and Live the Havana experience as you “Free” your inner Cuban at the “Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar”, located at 9101 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. You may enter as a hungry traveler, but you will leave as a satisfied friend!

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