Katerina & Vassilis Coumbaros – Taverna Opa Orlando

“To eat and drink with someone makes them family.” This Greek proverb highlights the importance of the dining experience, and a pleasant experience is just what you will find at Orlando’s own little corner of Greece, “Taverna Opa!”  Just off of International Drive, on the second level of Beautiful Pointe Orlando, “Taverna Opa” provides not only the finest in Greek dining, but also a nightly taste of “Entertainment: Mediterranean Style” where you will be amazed by the belly dancing, dance with the newest members of your “Greek Family” or just drift away to the soothing sounds of Mediterranean music.  Just remember, “the night is not over until the Ouzo runs out!”
Of course, authentic Greek food comes from authentic Greek people, and the best ingredient is the husband and wife team who own, manage, and most importantly, oversee everything about the experience you will find at “Taverna Opa.
Katerina Coumbaros is the youngest daughter of Greek parents, who emigrated here from the Greek Island of Crete.  “My mother has always been very traditional Greek; always cooking, always entertaining, my favorite childhood memories are of the family gatherings, and of the kitchen!”  A graduate of the “Le Cordon Bleu” College of Culinary Arts, Katerina believes that every dish prepared at “Taverna Opa” is a sharing of Greek culture with their guests.  She also knows that great ingredients are the key to great food, and that great cooking has to happen in a fun environment, “You can taste the difference in food prepared in a fun kitchen!”
Vassilis Coumbaros grew up in Greece, and his fondest memories are being a child surrounded by family and friends cooking, eating, and enjoying each other.  “Every day is a celebration, and the Greek culture teaches you to be energetic, friendly, and to love life!”  Vassilis believes that great cooking is done through “feeling”… that you have to “feel” the ingredients and the preparation of each dish.  “There is a Greek saying: ‘It is the way you breathe, the way you stir… you feel it!’”
Taverna Opa” specializes in lamb, and only the finest domestic and tender lamb will do.  However, most of the ingredients and spices are imported directly from the mountains and islands of Greece.  Another specialty of the house is seafood, but not just any seafood, only the finest imported Greek fish will make it to your plate.  “The salt and the water in the Mediterranean Sea is different from any other place in the world, and this adds to the delightful taste of our Greek seafood.”
No traditional Greek dinner would be complete without a special toast to the “Old World.”  In Greece, breaking plates and throwing napkins are a way of showing a “zest for life” and being “free as birds” to enjoy yourself.  While “Taverna Opa” may not carry on the tradition of breaking plates, you will find many napkins thrown with an exhilarating cry of “Opa!” as an exhortation to live your day to its fullest!
Taverna Opa
With Belly Dancing and Traditional Mediterranean Music spun by a DJ seven nights a week, “Taverna Opa” is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion, relax after an adventurous day, or just enjoy being part of a traditional Greek family.  Deep in the heart of “Pointe Orlando,” celebrate life at “Taverna Opa!”
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