Chef Marc Kusche – Hamilton’s Kitchen at The Alfond Inn

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Whether looking to have a “high class dinner,” or a friendly, relaxed evening with a more “rustic” feel, both can be found at “Hamilton’s Kitchen at The Alfond Inn.” Deep in the heart of Winter Park, Florida, The Alfond Inn was established to fit in with the comfortable but classic atmosphere of this quaint college town just north of Orlando… and that same classic but comfortable feel is exactly what makes “Hamilton’s Kitchen” the perfect place to take that special someone or just meet up with friends. This warm, inviting place, with it’s open kitchen and rustic hearth, merges traditional Southern cooking with a modern flair.

“Having a love for cooking and building a great team” is what Executive Chef Marc Kusche says is the only path to success. As a young boy in Germany, Chef Marc remembers going to one of his dad’s friend’s restaurants and marveling over the taste of his cucumber salad, a simple dish made with simple ingredients, but outstanding in flavor. It was at that moment he knew he wanted to become a chef.

“I apprenticed for two and a half years, then worked in many cities all around Europe, from Berlin, to London, to Munich… it was a great way to learn, to try new things.” Then he worked several tours on a cruise ship, before finding land again as Executive Chef in Palm Beach for none other than Donald Trump. “That was a completely different experience for me, and a great time in my life.”

Chef Marc believes that a love for cooking is what brings art into the kitchen. “New dishes made from new ingredients, that is how you create. You have to love food and cooking to be a good chef!” He loves the challenge of a big table on a busy night. “Our guests get fresh from scratch food, from local farms and farmer’s markets. Good, solid food is what makes the difference.”


When asked what he would tell a young, aspiring chef, Chef Marc quickly responds, “Work on a cruise ship. You cook top food on a cruise ship, and you learn, with so many different ingredients, so many places. You also learn to work as a team, or you won’t make it. The menu changes every two days, the pressure is high, you have to mix those different ingredients, cultures, and make them work!”


The tradition of the “Chef’s Table” is alive and well at “Hamilton’s Kitchen” and it is where you will taste the art of cooking. The Chef’s Table is where the chef will make a certain cuisine, such as a traditional German dinner, with the ingredients blended and prepared as only the Executive Chef can make it. “The Chef’s Table is where the cook can play, try new dishes, new ingredients. It is very fun to experience!”

Hamilton's Kitchen Interior, ALFOND 137

Surprise that special someone or simply enjoy a comfortable outing with friends, “Hamilton’s Kitchen at The Alfond Inn” is your family hearth away from home. You’ll enjoy the atmosphere, and love the food!
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