Chef Jillian Hopke – Jillycakes Orlando

Chef Jillian Hopke, winner of Cupcake Wars, Season 6, was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts and grew up in a family that loved to bake. Since both her mother and grandmother baked elaborate cakes, baking came as natural to Chef Jillian as sculpting came to Michelangelo. After she graduated college with degrees in both dance and marketing, Chef Jillian began her creative career as a performer for Disney, and then later assumed the role of Director of Entertainment at Legoland, but her love for baking continued, and she greatly enjoyed creating tasteful treats for her family, friends, and coworkers. This “hobby” of baking quickly turned into a second career and a rising business! “Jillycakes” started out first as an online shop, but then after her huge success on Cupcake Wars, Chef Jillian opened her first storefront in December of 2014 in beautiful Winter Park, Florida.

Chef Jillian is an artist, in the truest sense, being an accomplished painter and sculptor, and it just seems natural to her to translate that same creative drive into her favorite edible environment: baking! In addition to the vast array of traditional cupcakes, “Jillycakes” combines very unique tastes and flavors that you most likely have never thought to try, such as savory Tomato Roasted Red Pepper Basil cupcakes, Fig-and Goat Cheese with Balsamic Drizzle cupcakes, Jalapeno Popper or even Mac-n-Cheese cupcakes!


Jillycakes” also specializes in custom made cakes and wedding cakes, so be sure to stop by the one and only “Jillycakes,” located in Winter Park, Florida, 125 North Orlando Ave., in the Trader Joe’s Plaza. Don’t go off “half-baked”… get a “Jillycake!”

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