Chef Raul Bosch – Foodie Catering

Born and raised on the warm, tropical coast of Columbia, Chef Raul Bosch, the soft spoken and friendly owner of “Foodie Catering,” became interested in cooking by helping his grandmother prepare breakfast items and pastries for sale, often waking at 5 am just to help out. Later, after completing high school, Chef Raul worked at a local hotel just to get his foot in the door, and eventually made it to the kitchen. There, he became enamored by the art and style of cooking for the guests, and the hotel’s Chef encouraged him to go to school if he was really interested in making it a career.

That was all the urging young Raul Bosch needed, and he soon packed up and headed to New York City, working at different restaurants during the day and attending a prestigious restaurant school at night. Upon graduating, he interned at the Waldorf Astoria, but also made it a point to follow famous Chefs and learn from them, working in many, many of the famous and elite restaurants in the Big Apple. “I always wanted to work in ‘happening’ places, such as the “High Tier” Restaurant at The Metropolitan Opera, and many others, and I feel this has given me a great sense of scope in what makes a menu, a meal, or even a dish exciting and delightful, both in taste and in presentation.”


After being offered the chance to open an Italian restaurant in Central Florida, Chef Raul became an MVP in the local Orlando food circles. From The Grand Cypress, to The Floridian, and the Disney World Hotels and Resorts, he plied his trade with an eye for creativity and a desire to always innovate and improve. It was at this time that he was searching for the next “big step” in his culinary career. “It had always been in my mind that, yes, one day I would open my own restaurant; but it is very difficult, it has many ups and downs, and can often become a distraction to actually doing what I want, being a Chef.” Then the perfect idea appeared: customized meals for small or large events. “Foodie Catering” became my opportunity to be more creative, to innovate and collaborate with my clients… it is freedom, culinary freedom.”


Chef Raul enjoys the entire process of creating a menu for a client’s event. “You work very close to the customer, to provide something special. You have to be enthusiastic, or they won’t be enthusiastic. This allows me to share the joy in the creativity of the process of creating the menu, selecting the food.” He knows that great food has to be supported by great service and presentation. Having the right team is crucial, “I see myself more as an artist than a manager. The entire process, from thought to performance… it is a thrill for me.” His recipe for success is to hire the right people, set the standard high, and provide an atmosphere so that it is a joy to be on the team.


When asked what his philosophy of being a great Chef is, Chef Raul is quick to say that great service has to compliment great food. “It is about having the right attitude. You start with great ingredients, the freshest food, then add great service and presentation. It seems like a simple process, but it is very crucial.”


Chef Raul loves to exceed expectations, and that is probably why so many “Foodie Catering” events are prepared for returning clients. “We make people happy… whether the event is for 10 or 2000, we provide that personal, artistic flair.” Chef Raul cautions that it isn’t easy, but if you aren’t afraid of working hard and have the right attitude, it isn’t difficult, either. “If you love what you do, you do it your entire life.”


The next time you are at a “Foodie Catering” event, just ask for Chef Raul… he is always there and involved… yet another secret to maintaining a high standard of success!

One thought on “Chef Raul Bosch – Foodie Catering

  1. I have often marveled about the “high end” quality of the food at catered special events… it makes perfect sense that they use high end Executive Chefs! Chef Raul seems so personable & friendly, he’d be fun to have join you at your table and just chat… thanks so much for this blog! 🙂

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