April 8th is National Empanada Day!

Feeling a little “stressed out” from the long, grey winter? Find your smile at Cuba Libre, the best “authentic” Cuban Restaurant and Rum Bar in the Orlando, Florida area. Perfectly located at “Pointe Orlando,” Executive Chef, Jose Gonzalez, invites you to leave your troubles behind while you enjoy fresh, “made from scratch” dishes and the fully stocked Rum Bar, with over 80 different kinds of rum to choose from. “We are sure you will find something that you will like at Cuba Libre… just be sure to try one of our famous Mojitos, we believe you won’t find a better one anywhere!”

What is the secret to making the perfect Mojito? “We press our own sugar cane on site… the sugar extract, known as ‘guarapo’ is so fresh, it beats the processed syrup that other restaurants may use. Actual sugar, fresh from the cane, equals an incredible taste!”

CubaLibre_Mojito Pitchers

And now is the best time to try it for yourself: since April 8th is National Empanada Day, Cuba Libre is celebrating all April long, with special combinations and menu items, such as the “Lobster Empanada,” based on the fan-favorite recipe from the opening of Cuba Libre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, over 14 years ago.

CubaLibre_Lobster Empanada 2_Fotor2

To help spread the “Empanada Experience” to the world, Chef Jose is offering an “experience of a lifetime” chance to learn how to make traditional empanada’s the Cuba Libre way, on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015. 30 guests will learn the Chef’s personal secrets as he guides you along the recipe trail to find the hidden treasure of beef, chicken, and cheese empanada’s, as only Chef Gonzalez can do it. A simple click here to purchase tickets and you will be on your way to Empanadas, Mojitos, special treats, and an unforgettable evening of fun!


Chef Jose can’t wait to see you at Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar, at Pointe Orlando. “Come in, forget the stress and problems of life, and enjoy a night of fresh Cuban cuisine, great drinks, entertainment, music, and most importantly, fun, fun, fun!” The perfect place to live it up… Vive Cuba Libre!


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