Chef Simon Bond – Fresh, healthy, creative and tasty

It’s not an accident that people these days wants to have a better understanding of what they are putting in their body’s with every piece of food they try. This is a worldwide trend, a “consciousness awakening”, expression used by Executive Chef Simon Bond, who explains that more than ever, patrons are looking for healthy, fresh and creative dishes, exactly what “Cork and Fork Orlando“offers to all its visitors. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves quite yet, as there much more about Simon Bond than meets the eye. Born and Raise in England, came looking for what he calls “the American dream” as soon as he finished High School.

It was a rough start, having to start from the very bottom on odd jobs that didn’t satisfied him, but not everything was bad. Actually, this is what had his spark for cooking started as he ended up working on restaurants, mostly delivering food, but this gave him the chance to take a glance at what happens on the stoves, and that hooked him, he wanted to be there. With hard work and some luck in the mix, he had the chance to work with different chefs who gave him the chance to learn everything he could, opportunity he didn’t let go to waste. During this stage of his career, he learned how every cook had its own philosophy on how they would prepare and serve the dishes, this gave him the courage to start pouring his own personality on the dishes he made.

Being a hardworking single family man, Simon finds inspiration and creativity thanks to his family and children, and this is what helps him to keep evolving and not stalling behind, something that he knows it’s crucial on this industry, where tastes and preferences change every week. All these experiences gave him the knowledge to adapt, to handle the stress environment that this line of works frequently requires and its his key to success he explains. “Everything has to be better than the day before” Simon claims, and that can’t be possible without a team that is willing to do what the chef wants to create, a team that shares the same passion as he does and that has the desire to learn something every day.

For this, Simon likes letting their team pour in their own ideas and input on special dishes, letting them feel proud of their work and feeding their desire to grow as cuisine professionals. But, even though he reckons having a great team, he always makes sure to have his hands on every plate that comes out of the stoves, even if it’s on the base sauce, his print must be in the dish. This is crucial for a restaurant renown, the quality and the consistency of every dish that leaves the kitchen, even more in a community so close together like the one that Cork and Fork receives every day at its tables. Every dish has to feel personalized, like cooking for family members, that’s what Chef Simon Bonds aims at.
There’s no doubt that one of Simon strengths are the creativity he pours into his dishes, but this is not easy feat. In fact, this is the result of hard and persistent work. He acknowledges that sometimes he can try up to 20 different recipes, from which just 5 could work out, but this is part of the creative process that keeps his visitors coming back to different tastes every day.

But that’s not all Simon Bond has to offer on Cork & Fork Orlando, as he is also committed into providing fresh, and locally grown ingredients and food to the community, making sure to keep his dishes free of preservatives, stabilizers and other non-organic elements, embracing the “Freshtaurant” style.

In fact, Simon makes sure that even every sauce its fresh, from the ketchup to the salad dressings, to the seafood, which he proudly claims lacks frozen or out of the can food, in conclusion you will be getting the freshest and healthiest ingredients out of every bite, and what’s even better, all this while keeping a nice price point.
Chef Simon Bond has been in his community for over 13 years already, so he is proud and happy that through Cork and Fork Orlando, he’s able to give back some of the love and treatment he has received so far.
I think it’s safe to say that Simon did find he’s American dream.

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