Ramen Rumble presented by Tasty Chomps

Orlando Ramen Rumle hosted by the Osprey Tavern presented by Tasty Chomps was held on Monday, March 7. Three local chefs competed for the best, made from scratch, Ramen Noodle dish. Chef Austin Boyd of Seito Sushi prepared Tonkotsu ~ Pork Bone ~ 24-hour pork broth, braised pork belly, Lake Meadows soy pullet egg, Seito ramen noodles.  Chef Greg Richie of Baoery Asian Gastropub made Kim Chi Shellfish ~ shrimp, scallops, crab, tofu, homemade kamaboko. Chef Chau Trinh of Sushi Pop Restaurant created Tsukemen ~ Hot Dipping Ramen ~ toasted buckwheat and rye noodles topped with chicken-annato schmaltz, black garlic oil, pork belly head cheese, lime, crispy shallots.


Congratulations to Chef Austin Boyd of Seito Sushi  for winning judges’ award, people’s choice and the bragging rights! Also, congratulations to The Kevin Fonzo Foundation which will be receiving proceeds from the event!


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