MasterChef Junior Semi Finalist – Junior Chef Zac Kara

He is only 13 years old, and he is already a celebrity, but that doesn’t seem to bother him at all. We are talking about Junior Chef Zac Kara, MasterChef Junior season 4 Semi Finalist, who knows how to mix his two passions, cooking and playing tennis, into being better on each one of them. He just can’t get enough cooking; he does it every single day and loves to travel around Florida with his mom trying to find to freshest ingredients for his dishes. He is, without doubt, a very competitive fellow, and no, I am not just talking about Tennis, about which he proudly claims his 34-4 win/lose ratio, but also through his participation in the show.

In fact, that competitiveness helped him to control his nerves on the kitchens of the MasterChef Junior Show, just like he used to do when entering a Tennis Court. But he admits the “butterflies in the stomach” at first were unavoidable, that didn’t trouble him to be one of the best through the whole season. He remembers what he calls his most memorable moment on the show, when he won the Mystery Box Challenge. It was his creativity and his desire to do the best he could what lead him to make a savory dish rather than a sweet, something that put him on the spotlight for the judges who gave him the victory that day.
But, truth be told, he wasn’t always this comfortable in front of cameras or even kitchens. He admits that one of the reasons he started cooking was because his mom thought that would help him to be more organized, so she made him follow recipes step by step, trying to make the less mess he could and that caught his attention. But that wasn’t all, he started watching Master Chef Junior, without knowing that one day he would be one of the participants.

It was his mom and sister, who encourage to take part in the Season 4 auditions that changed his life. Now, after his exciting ride through the show, his got a Chef life planned, working on YouTube and periscope live cooking shows, writing on his blog and even working on his own cooking book. Zac is definitely going places.

Now, it seems he is in the right path into being a well renown chef in a couple years, we sure hope so! We can see that determination in his eyes when he talks about how does he creates a dish, and how he tries to have everything planned beforehand, proportions, vegetables, texture, color, he got it all figure out before even heating the pan.

His favorite dish it’s his signature Pan Seared Steak, accompanied with this personal puree, a red wine reduction, a vodka cream sauce, served with seared asparagus and thin sliced carrots and radishes. For him, this is one of the most delicious steak dishes.

And of course, being a sport player, means he loves healthy dishes, so one of his goals is, making people less afraid of cooking and making them eat healthy food. This young man has the right ideas.

We would recommend keeping an eye over this young fellow and his career, we might be watching the rise of an important name in the business. Don’t forget to check his YouTube Channel and Blog – Cooking with Zac.



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