Chef Jason Bergeron – Innovation of Food!

Chef Jason Bergeron, a contestant on Chopped: Grill Masters earlier this year, strongly believes that a great chef has to be attuned to great taste and it is their sole responsibility to share this  with the rest of the world.

It’s an art and the passion has to burn within a person. He also believes being a good chef is like being an artist. You have to start with the right ingredients and have skills to create a masterpiece.

From the age of four Chef Bergeron has always had a desire to become a great chef. He attributes his success to both of his grandmothers who were nurturing his passion from a young age. Also growing up, he liked to watch T.V. shows to learn new things  and develop skills that he could bring later to his kitchen.


Chef Bergeron believes all great chefs have to learn to balance passion and management. Owning a business for something you have a passion for is how anyone enjoys life, but this is not always the easiest of paths. He thinks to be a successful person in the restaurant industry, you have to have a lot of prior planning in place.

The advice that Chef Bergeron would give to people that have the calling and desire to work in food service industry is to join a reputable restaurant that have top notch chefs that will mentor you and give good exposure to the workings in a kitchen.


After spending four years in California and learning new trends in culinary industry, Chef Jason Bergeron brings his knowledge and innovation to Central Florida. Come visit Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen located in Lake Nona Town Center, which serves a colorful spectrum of small plates with big tastes.


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