Chef Terence Phillips – Dining Under The Waves

Something Fishy is currently offering the most succulent crab cakes you can find and the start of it all was anything but fishy. The creation of Chef Terence Phillips, this seafood restaurant came from pure passion for cooking and one man’s dream of owning his own restaurant.

Chef Phillips does not come from a culinary background and has never studied it. However, he claims that he always has had an interest in cooking and it was his dream to own his own restaurant one day. “I was never a restaurateur or anything like that,” he exclaims in a matter of fact kind of manner, “And I did different things most of my life, but you know when I turned 50 I knew I wanted to own a restaurant and be a chef. So that happened two years ago and I retired from my job and we opened Something Fishy and we’ve been moving forward ever since.”-D18_1210

At Something Fishy, it is all about family. Terence’s wife, who did not cook at all, left her job to work with her husband at the restaurant. Terence recognizes that is not her dream but stresses he could never have done it without her. “It’s not her dream, it’s not her passion to be in a restaurant,” admits Terence, “but I knew I needed her behind us all because she’s a great manager, she’s a great marketer. That’s what she does for a living. So she left her job and came to help at little old Something Fishy to market and get our name out there.”D18_2112_3_4HDR.jpg

For Something Fishy, it is more than just husband and wife leading the way. Terence’s brother is a classically trained chef who stepped up to help his brother when the restaurant first started. Terence’s brother helped out with everything from designing the menu to deciding how to plate the food. Moreover, the culinary tradition is planned to be passed down, with Terence’s younger son going to culinary school to become a chef just like his dad.D18_2115_6_7HDR

More than just that, Terence’s other children regularly help out as well. His daughter can be regularly seen going about the kitchen and helping the staff, while his youngest son who currently dreams of being a Navy SEAL, helps out with the dishes and provides drinks to the customers.D18_2130_1_2HDR

Ultimately, Terence aims to bring a family friendly environment that brings a light and colorful décor to the proceedings. According to Terence, the décor is based on his memories of the Hamptons as a child. “I grew up in New York City but spent most of my summertime out in the Hamptons. So we’re trying to have that color and that feel of the Hamptons where it’s very beachy, very warm – dining under the waves. That’s one of our concepts we want people to think about when you come to Something Fishy,” Terence explains.D18_1177

Well if the crab cakes and the lobsters are anything to go by, many people are going to keep dining under the waves at Something Fishy. Do try their brilliant fry fish sandwiched, fish tacos & classic seafood entrees, as well.


Produced by: Irina Pabis
Photo/Video by: Richard Pabis
Written by: Cindy Hardy



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