It’s not rocket science, just

The social media age has brought immense opportunities for people from any walk of life. And it’s what changed the life of Chef Dennis K. Littley forever. Starting out as a blog for his culinary students to follow, it soon began receiving worldwide attention and Chef Dennis’ wildest dreams happened to come true.

“But when it came time to name my blog, I hadn’t taken on that persona. Then this woman sent me this cold call – this email, saying you should be as Chef Dennis,” recall Chef Dennis about how his current persona came about, one that is now famous all over the world.

Chef Dennis reveals an impressive thirst for knowledge. Being a self-made chef, he gained his knowledge of cooking by being apprentice to a number of master chefs and studying under them. Besides that, he was studying as much as he could on his own as well.  “At that time I lived in New Jersey and I went to the county library and they were getting them from all these satellites for me to read. And I would be reading cookbooks and reading cookbooks.” Books and chefs weren’t his only outlets of learning, as Dennis went everywhere he could to learn more about food, including butchers to learn how to cut meat.


With his first memory of food being making waffles in an unplugged toaster and eating them frozen, Chef Dennis has surely come a long way. His proudest moment as a chef in his own words happens to be the time he cooked for Alison Krauss and the Union Station, receiving a shout out from them at a subsequent concert that he attended.  “We always had this delusions of grandeur,” remarks Chef Dennis, “that we were gonna be the next best thing in the blogging world, and it’s really never gonna happen again.”


Speaking about his continued success in the blogging world, Chef Dennis claims to treat the internet as different levels, and how he has to overcome them. “I tackle one aspect of blogging, or social media – certain social media, and try to master it. Well, not master it, but get very good at it,” reveals Chef Dennis.

Chef Dennis has always loved eating, making him go to kitchen from an early age since his mother hated to cook. He claims that his first role model happened to be none other than Graham Kerr. Much like Kerr, Dennis aims to vow people with simplicity, exclaiming that he loves to bring joy to people through cooking and teaching them just how simple it all is.  “It’s not rocket science,” says Chef Dennis.

For mouthwatering recipes, cooking tips and amazing travel stories make sure to visit Chef Dennis’s blog

Produced by: Irina Pabis
Photo/Video by: Richard Pabis
Written by: Cindy Hardy

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