Chef Scott Phillips: Bringing You More than Bar Food

With Chef Scott Phillips, the love for the culinary arts began at an early age. Chef Scott and his sister used to make food at night, with a number of guests in audience, while their mother worked night shifts.

“One time my mom brought half a cow and put it in the freezer. Three to four months later it was all gone and that’s when she realized that probably wasn’t a good idea,” Chef Scott muses with nostalgia.


About his approach to making food and being a chef, Chef Scott highlights the importance of presentation. “You can’t just throw the food out. I have always felt like people eat with their eyes,” says Chef Scott matter-of-factually.

Furthermore, Chef Scott has a certain love for Mediterranean Sea Salt, which he favors over regular salt. Mediterranean sea salt and garlic are the must have ingredients for him, along with: “If you have good meat, you have good food.”


Having gone to culinary school due to some money he received from his late grandmother, Chef Scott worked as a chef in a number of places, gaining experience in various positions until he ended up at the Lion’s Pride Bar and Grill, the official bar for the Orlando Lions soccer club.


Lion’s Pride diverse menu, crafted by Chef Scott Phillips, features traditional sports bar favorites elevated to a new level, including appetizers, sandwiches, entrees and delicious signature dishes.  “It’s not just bar food. We have a steak bruschetta, a fresh pepper tuna…” Chef Scott lists down, “so it’s not just typical bar food where food is just fry, fry, fry.”


Chef Scott’s love for food is something he shares with his younger brother, Chef Terrence Phillips, Chef-Owner of Something Fishy. However, there seems to be the some kind of competition between them. “I am Scott Phillips the older brother, and I can definitely cook better,” claims Chef Scott with a smile.


Whether you are catching “The Big Game” or planning to watch your favorite local team, Chef Scott has you covered with a wide variety of delicious dishes to complete your perfect game day spread!!!


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