KODA Aprons with Chef Bob Aungst

We have partnered with KODA Aprons and happy to present Orlando’s #GlutenFree Chef Bob Aungst or better known as Chef to the Stars🌟 with his custom made apron!!!

Chef Bob Aungst has worked some of the largest sporting, political, and private events, including the Kentucky Derby, US Open, Presidential Inaugurations, and the Super Bowl. He’s had the pleasure of serving four U.S. Presidents, numerous members of Royal Courts, and countless political leaders!!! Let’s see what he thinks!!!

KODA aprons are designed and manufactured to be the most durable and comfortable professional aprons ever made!!!

Here are some special features:

✅ 100% Organic Cotton

✅ Metal Grommets

✅ Flex Top Neckline

✅ Apron for Any Size

✅ Cross Over Backstraps

✅ Metal Rivets

For more information, make sure to follow @koda_aprons on Instagram and visit online:


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