Chef Carly Paige – Making a Difference in People’s Lives with Holistic Cooking!

Meet Chef Carly Paige, a health coach, a cook book author, and someone who is passionate about wellness and bringing people together around the kitchen table! Whether teaching “one-on-one” in workshops, or “reaching the masses” through online cooking classes, her main focus is to teach people how they can make better, healthier choices through simple changes in the ingredients they use in their own food preparation.

For Carly, the love for cooking started as she was growing up, spending time with her mom in the kitchen, going to cooking classes together while traveling, and honing her skills at culinary “boot camps.” “I have watched so many cooking shows, studied every cook book I could get my hands on, and completed as many culinary certifications as I could find… cooking has literally been my life!”


One of Chef Carly’s biggest dreams became a reality when she wrote and published: “Simply Swapped Everyday Cookbook: 75 Easy & Delicious Plant-Powered Recipes, Plus Simple Tips to Elevate Your Life.” In this book, Chef Paige offers simple tips to elevate your life through the food you choose, and to live much healthier in the process… which increases not only knowledge of how to best prepare the food you eat, but also builds the confidence needed to live your best life both in and out of the kitchen.


By following her signature “Simply Swapped Method,” anyone can learn how to transform their habits, as well as their favorite recipes, using everyday “ingredient swaps” for a healthier version of their tastiest dishes. This doesn’t just leave you feeling good, it will lead you to living great!

Visit Carly Paige online, at , to learn more, schedule a fun and informative class, or to purchase her book and read the magic for yourself… start your healthier life today! (And you thought it was just a cookbook!)

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