Chef Carly Paige – Making a Difference in People’s Lives with Holistic Cooking!

Meet Chef Carly Paige, a health coach, a cook book author, and someone who is passionate about wellness and bringing people together around the kitchen table! Whether teaching “one-on-one” in workshops, or “reaching the masses” through online cooking classes, her main focus is to teach people how they can make better, healthier choices through simple changes in the ingredients they use in their own food preparation.

For Carly, the love for cooking started as she was growing up, spending time with her mom in the kitchen, going to cooking classes together while traveling, and honing her skills at culinary “boot camps.” “I have watched so many cooking shows, studied every cook book I could get my hands on, and completed as many culinary certifications as I could find… cooking has literally been my life!”


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Chatting with Chef Wendy Lopez

Well, a lot has happened since our last interview with Chef Wendy Lopez,  watch this video segment for an update.

In this short conversation, Chef Wendy shares her most memorable moment,  talks about Reyes Mezcaleria, located in downtown Orlando, gives useful tips in preparing Mexican dishes and teaches how to pick the perfect avocado!!!



Chef-Owner Sean “Sonny” Nguyen: When Dreams Come True

The love for food and the passion for serving people developed from an early age in Sonny Nguyen. At his parent’s restaurant in Winter Haven, Florida played the role of a breeding ground for his commitment and dedication for cooking. For the past twelve years, Sonny has worked at different restaurants, learning the key skills and gaining the right experience that goes into owning and operating one’s own restaurant. “It was just my time to open up my own place”, says Sean, showing us around Domu.

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Chef Justo Pica ~ The Mexican Camel

After many years of following each other on social media, we finally got a chance to meet Chef Justo Pica in person!!! We are super excited for his new venture The Mexican Camel where he is an Executive Chef and Partner!!!

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El Borrego ~ AUTHENTIC Mexican Cuisine

We were invited to experience the tastes and flavors of Mexico at El Borrego!!! Chef David spent a lot of time studying traditional Mexican cuisine, some of the recipes he prepares have roots dating back to Mayan Civilization!!!

El Borrego is located at Old Town on US 192 in Kissimmee!!! Come experience AUTHENTIC Mexican fare!!!!

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The Old Jailhouse in Sanford!!!

We would like to congratulate Chef Bram Fowler, his beautiful wife Geraldine Fowler and the owners of The Old Jailhouse on opening this great concept right in the heart of historic downtown Sanford!!!

They have done such an incredible job on restoring old jail and turning it to a restaurant!!! Thank you so much for having us to preview your mouthwatering dishes and amazing cocktails!!!

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