Chef Tip of the Week

How to Clean Shrimp

Storing Fresh Herbs with Chef Michael Smith

ChefSteps • How to Sharpen Your Knife

Chef Ramsay’s Six Top Kitchen Tricks – Gordon Ramsay

Rashmi Primlani – How to Make Dough

Rashmi Primlani is an internet blogger, food and wine writer, recipe creator and an amazing cook. Her biggest food critics are her own children, who think that every meal is an episode of the Top Chef. Luckily, cooking is in her blood, and more often than not she does meet her critics expectations. You can follow her on Facebook – The Primlani Kitchen or Tweeter – #SPICYCHAT


Chef Judy Koh is widely celebrated locally and overseas as a chef, food columnist and consultant. She will share a tip on how to make your cake soft & fluffy.

    Blanching Vegetables with Chef Keoni Chang

    Garnish Tutorial Carrot Swirls and Vegetable Triangle Twisties

    How to Easily Peel a Tomato

    Hate Peeling Garlic? Microwave it!

    How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs – Perfect Easter Eggs

    How to Peel a Potato with Your Bare Hands 

    How to Make the Perfect Pepper Blend

    Take Control of Plastic Wrap

    All About Sushi Grade Fish

    what it is and how to make it. Information about sushi grade fish:…

    Little Hearts on Soup – Food Styling (Romantic Rim)

    How to Peel a Kiwi

    Do you want to peel a kiwi avoiding angular or irregular shapes? Here goes the method for you. If you follow this, Kiwis will look more delicious in this smooth oval shape in your next fruit desserts. Eugenie Kitchen

    How to Flip Food in a Pan Like a Chef!

    Food Wishes

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