Rashmi Primlani – Love is My ‘Secret’ Ingredient

Rashmi Primlani is an internet blogger, food and wine writer, recipe creator and an amazing cook. Her biggest food critics are her own children, who think that every meal is an episode of the Top Chef. Luckily, cooking is in her blood, and more often than not she does meet her critics expectations.

Rashmi believes that in order to achieve a level of excellence, one must move out of their comfort zone, and go the extra mile. Therefore, she tries all recipes and styles of cooking that she likes to embellish with her own variations and creativity. In every dish she creates, Rashmi uses two major ingredients, passion and more importantly love.
Rashmi loves dreaming up her own recipes for dishes, and enjoys cooking in a wide variety of culinary styles including French, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican and of course Indian. Rashmi Primlani is an established Food & Wine Writer and you can follow her on Facebook – The Primlani Kitchen or Tweeter – #SPICYCHAT

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